Time--2017 A to Z Theme

My theme for the 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge was "Time". The posts are of a more philosophical, contemplative, and even autobiographical bent. No time management tips in this theme, but stuff intended to make you think.

Always a work in progress--welcome to my blog...


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Almost A to Z Time! (#BOTB Results)


        If you've been wondering about this year's A to Z Challenge then I suggest you hop on over to the A to Z Blog and see what's happening.   We're looking for your input and have a nifty survey that we'd like for you to fill out.  Those who help us out will be eligible for a prize drawing.  Survey closes on March 3rd and sign-ups open on March 5th. 

        Keep posted with updates on the official Challenge Blog.   Hope you'll join us for the 9th annual Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Battle of the Bands

         My recent Battle was between two covers of the Cafe Tacuba song "Eres" as performed by Colombian artist Elafrojack and Mexican artist Nath Campos.

         To me both recordings are quite good.  No losers in this match and I think that was reflected in the results:  It was a tie!  That's before my vote.

          As much as I enjoyed the version by Nath Campos, there was something I liked more about Elafrojack.   Unlike a few of you, I did like vocals by Jack Vargas.  However as some of you agreed, the guitar really rocked.  My vote goes to Elafrojack giving them the win.

Final Vote Tally

Elafrojack            10 votes

Nath Campos         9 votes

Next Battle on Thursday March 1st

        Please tell me it ain't so!   Almost March with April right around the bend?   I better get cranking on my A to Z posts!  But first I'll have my next Battle which will feature a motivational song from a Broadway musical.

         Do you plan on doing the A to Z Challenge in April?    Have you filled out the survey yet?   Can you think of a motivational song that comes from a Broadway musical?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Eres (#BOTB)

I hate hate, but sometimes love gets overly hyped and I don't like that.  Love is not a box of chocolates.  

English: A swedish box of chocolates called &q...
 A swedish box of chocolates called "Paradis"
  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Oh, by the way--have you found any good post-Valentine's candy on sale?   I love those mark-downs...

Post-Valentine Blues

        This week I've been seeing a lot of posts about love songs.  I'd already made my mind up not to use a love song for this Battle.  I had a completely different theme in mind, but then I thought it better to postpone that post until next time and succumb to the love bug.  After all, love is everywhere these days.  At least in the stores until the leftovers are put on clearance to make way for Easter.  I guess love wins again.

         There are love songs in every language.  Love is universal and so is music.  And love makes you want to sing--or at least hear the music all around.  I've been in the lowlands of late so nothing like a couple of doses of love to pick me up.  Anyone in the mood for Mexican?

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is the blogging event started by Far Away Series and now hosted by StMcC Presents Battle of the Bands.   This event happens each month on the 15th and on some blogs there is also a Battle on the 1st of the month.  My blog is one of those with a second Battle on the 1st of the month.   The premise is simple:  Listen to the songs presented below and then in the comments vote for your favorite and tell us why you liked it.  Then visit the links listed near the bottom of this post for more Battle action.

Eres (You Are)

        The love song for this Battle was originally done by the group Café Tacuba, an immensely talented eclectic band from Mexico.  Among my favorite bands, I saw them in concert in 2000 at a theater in Anaheim.  "Eres" comes from their album Cuatro Caminos which won the 2003 Grammy for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album.  If you don't mind the Spanish, this group is well worth checking out.

        Please don't vote on their version, but if you want to listen as a matter of reference their version can be heard here.   

         And now let the contest begin!

Elafrojack  "Eres"  (2013)

         Jack Vargas aka "Elafrojack" hails from Columbia.  I didn't find much about him other than he has a fairly wide social media presence and several YouTube music videos.  I know right off that some of you might not like his heavy metal approach in his cover, but for others this might be just the thing that makes you vote for his version.

Nathalia Campos "Eres" (2017)

        Nath Campos is from Mexico City. Her father is a song writer and music producer. She gives "Eres" a smoother more romantic touch.

Time to Vote!

    Hope you'll give these two song versions a chance.   What's your style preference between these two choices? 
  Which song version do you like best?   You don't have to know about music to have an opinion since it all comes down to your own personal taste.  

        Please vote on your favorites by letting us know your choice in the comment section and tell us why you prefer the version you chose. Then after you've finished here, please visit the other blogs listed below who may or may not be participating this time around. And if you've put up your own BOTB contest let us know that as well so we can vote on yours.

Here are some other places where you might find BOTB posts:

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Winner of this Battle Announced on Wednesday February 21st

      Be watching the Blogging from A to Z Challenge site for announcements about April.  A sign up list will be appearing soon as well as information about the upcoming event.   Don't miss the Battle results post on Tossing It Out next Wednesday. 

       Hasta luego amigos!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Writer's Lament (#IWSG) (#BOTB results)

The best thing about being sick is staying in bed and sleeping all day.  And that best thing is not really a good thing.   I'd rather just sleep at night like I normally do...

         I'm going to keep this as brief as I can since I've been very sick over the past few days and still not up to staying in front of the computer for very long.  Picked up this nasty bug somewhere--maybe from the pneumonia shot I got last Wednesday or maybe from just being at the doctor's office.  Whatever the case might be, I feel lousy right now and I'm ready to crawl back into bed.  Tomorrow will be another--and hopefully a healthier day.

       The results from my Battle of the Bands post are on down the page, but first my post for The Insecure Writer's Support Group...

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month in Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group--a forum of writers who gather to talk about writing and the writer's life. For a complete list of participants visit Alex's Blog

The co-hosts for the February 7 posting of the IWSG are Stephen Tremp, Pat Garcia, Angela Wooldridge, Victoria Marie Lees, and Madeline Mora-Summonte!

February 7 question - What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

        Well, sad to say, aside from blogging I haven't been writing anything for quite a while.  Nada!  Zilch!   I've been thinking a lot about writing, but I think about a lot of things and thinking doesn't amount to doing.  Oh, I've been doing lots of other things so all of that might add up to life experience which in turn makes for good fodder for future writing.  But I've been in a sort of a slump--a burn out phase so to speak.  And I've been doing other things that take away from writing time.

       However, when I am writing non-blog stuff then I tend to like to write memoir.   What I love about memoir is that it is real and something that I can readily connect with.  It's something that I enjoy sharing.  It's like when my mother used to tell me stories about her younger days or I used to tell my own kids stories about when I was a lad.  To me, history is important.  I didn't always understand that when I was a high school student plodding through what I thought was useless information.  Now I'd rather learn about history to see how events and people in the past brought us to where we are now and to recognize the mistakes that are being repeated repeatedly.  

       I hope my own personal history doesn't include a me who didn't record enough of my own life and got too busy to write.  But then on the larger scale it probably doesn't matter that much.  Still it should matter to me now.  That's why I need to write.  Again.  More than blog posts.   

Battle of the Bands

      My most recent Battle of the Bands (found here) featured three different band "theme songs."  I had a difficult time coming up with three actual bands so I did have to resort to using two themes from cartoon shows where the characters played in bands.

       This battle did not turn out in any way as I expected.  In fact I was somewhat shocked!   As some of you might have guessed my pick was for the theme of the one real band The Good Rats.  After all I did say they were "one of my favorite rock bands of all time."  And the Rats made a decent showing with voters.  I figured The Archies would win this Battle and the Pussycats wouldn't capture a single vote.  Boy, was I wrong!

Final Vote Tally

Archies                                    2

Josie and the Pussycats        8

The Good Rats                        7

Next Battle on Thursday February 15th

      I will surely be better by then.  Might or might not post anything before that time.  Or I might go back to doing some actual writing.

      Have you evaded sickness this year?   What is your biggest distraction from doing things you want (or need) to do?   Do you enjoy reading memoir?